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The company is located in Beijing, the capital of China. It is composed of artists and professors from the major art colleges and universities in China. It represents the highest artistic level of sculpture in contemporary China. The company specializes in sculpture including two less popular art industries-sand sculpture and ice sculpture. It also undertakes the production of ice sculpture, snow sculpture and sand sculpture art exhibitions well as the whole construction.


Our team was established in 1998, which is the first generation of the complete sand sculpture team, it boasts reputation in the domestic art industry. Sand sculpture originated in the United States beach culture and has spread to all the beaches world wide after decades of development. Now sand sculpture is more widely used in the areas such as beach, beach sand sculpture amusement park, desert, scenic, urban commercial activities, children's hands-on activities, and so on. Sand is one of the most arbitrary random raw materials in all sculptural materials, and in the eyes of the sculptors, it represents freedom.


Ice and snow sculpture originated in the ice city of China-Harbin. Every winter tens of thousands of snow and ice artists decorate the city with ice and snow sculpture. Only people who are personally on the scene can really appreciate its magnificence and beauty. As the first ice and snow preachers to go abroad, we are undertaking the responsibility to popularize and develop the ice and snow art. In the tropics, people in many countries have never seen or experienced ice and snow. Our company can build fixed or temporary larger cold storage and ice and snow storage equipment in various countries sand produce colorful ice sculpture, ice lamp, snow sculpture, snow amusement park, ice and snow recreation project equipped with professional display lights spreading. China’s ice and snow to every corner of the world, so that all the people of the world can enjoy the beauty of the ice and snow art.


We warmly welcome partners from all over the world to join us holding friendly activities and competitions about ice sculpture, snow sculpture and sand sculpture. We also hope that the people of the world can have a better understanding of this kind of art and appreciate it.