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Sand sculpture art tools


Sand sculpture art  due to the special nature of the material, the use of tools and other sculptures are different, mainly caravan, kettle, straw, glue and other major tools, as well as the level of plastic ring and other auxiliary tools.
Sculpture: mainly used for the division of the block and the details of the carved, demanding texture hard, flexible, sharp very scraping According to the different uses can be divided into the following three categories:
1, for the whole block of the cutting, the bottom of the wall made of the main military shovel, curved mud knife, a large blade, these tools are the existing goods for processing, can easily.
2, for the local characterization of the main types of small blade, different shapes of scraper (oil painters can use that kind of), requires a change in shape, the use of flexible.
3, for small perforation, the bad tool of the main types of special caravan, to be small size, bending degree, easy to sand, easy to operate smoothly.
Drum: Mainly used for sand moisture, the production process of pressure sand, texture production and spray, according to the size of the area can be used back sprayer and small watering cans, the requirements of the water rough, fine changes can be free.
Sandblasting tube: mainly used for sand scavenging process of small local sand clean up, requiring a moderate length, touch the mouth for the mouth, touch the sand at an acute angle to increase flexibility.
Glue: mainly used for sanding the surface of the fixed, the most commonly used, such as milky white glue, etc., into the amount of water can be sprayed with the pot, economical, convenient, but taking into account the large area of ​​sand sculpture production of glue when the pollution problem, the general available price Slightly higher environment-friendly glue.
The level of the auxiliary tool is mainly used to control the level, hard plastic circle is used to local sand, improve and enrich the sand sculpture height and content.