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The difference between sand sculpture and relief


Sand sculpture, simply say that the sand is accumulated and solidified, and then carved into a variety of shapes. The real charm of sand sculpture lies in the purely natural sand and water as a material, through the artist's creation, showing a charming visual wonders, sculpture process does not allow the use of any chemical adhesive. After the completion of the work after the surface of the special glue to strengthen the spray, under normal circumstances can generally be maintained for several months. As the sand sculpture will be a natural digestion in a time, it is also known as "fast decay art", because can not be long-term preservation, so each work is unique with no repeat.
Relief is a combination of sculpture and painting products, usually attached to another plane, so the use of more in the building, utensils can often be seen on the objects. Because of its compression characteristics, the smaller the space, so it is suitable for a variety of environmental decoration. In recent years, it has become an increasingly important place in urban landscaping.